Welcome to SevenSeren.design

Welcome to SevenSeren.design, infatuating design for brands and packaging that resonate and communicate authentic and compelling stories.

One of my objectives for this year was to really evaluate how I work and how I want to work. As daunting as reflection and development can be I embraced the (mostly dreaded) website redesign as an opportunity to review a portfolio, spot threads that make work special and define a way to build brands that is as rewarding for me as it is exciting for partners.

Reflecting on my own story I have moved LWCreativeSevices away from a service offer to focus more on collaborative creativity that connects and excites products and people through design for packaging and branding.

With Seren meaning “star” in Welsh I introduce SevenSeren.design. With stimulating, communicative and captivating design, let’s create and develop stellar brands that resonate with people, tell unique and authentic stories and build infatuating identities for products and services. 

Let’s Design Amazing. 

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