Dà Mhìle whisky

Premium Line Extension

– Whisky expression of the brand
– Label design and bottle decoration
– Modern premium design
– Quality finishes and crafted provenance

This whisky design was to be part of the Dà Mhìle spirits portfolio. As whisky commands a more premium price tag the design has been modified to reflect its pricing and place within a range as a contemporary Welsh spirit

This is a whisky that is rooted in Welsh tradition and as such draws on Celtic patterns and symbols for its graphic communication.

Using a dark ‘Welsh’ green inspired by the deep welsh countryside colour for the brand panel it immediately is distinguished form the spirits range. We strove for a balance between clear design and traditional crafted elements reminiscent of the product itself.

A debossed gold ring was added to the neck of the bottle with a gold over-cap Celtic knot seal finishing the design off beautifully.

| Impactful premium spirit design.

| Detailed crafted elements adding to the Celtic feel.

| Development of concepts for the whisky presentation.

In celebration of Wales’ International Dark Sky Park, local organic sprit producers Dà Mhìle, created Dark Skies Organic Rum, a project that was to bring the experience and the enveloping discovery of the night skies to a label.

The overarching theme of the design was the exploration of darkness.

Playing with the theme we selected finishes to bring the idea to life. By using varnishes, details appear to move in and out of the night as they catch the light and invite you to discover constellations (matching the producers own star signs) in the night sky and the intricate patterns of Celtic design.

A delicate balance between black and dark slate grey maintains mystery but brings depth to the label, and embossing and varnishes to the white areas accentuate the logo, which appears reminiscent of the moon in the depths of night.

The textured stock helps convey the organic nature of the product and amplifying the radiance of the intricate gold areas that seemingly sparkle as they catch the light and compliment the rich colours of the rum.

| Detail close up of quality production and printing.

| Over cap quality seal and gold  neck ring.